STILL Cushion OAK, Cobbles 60cm

STILL Cushion OAK, Cobbles 60cm

449,00 kr

A cushion in the colour OAK, size 40 x 60cm. 

This new collection is called cobblesstone and is made in 100% cotton yarn and it is 100 % Oeko-Tex certifed.

We have been inspred by cobblesstone adjoing tiles and sidewalkes in the city. Simple and straightforward.

A cobblesstone is rectangular and chipped natural stone. With that in mind we have made this new pattern. The knitting technique is call tuck stitch, and taht special technique makes the surface on the right side tree-demensional and exciting.

The soft bumps form a beautiful pattern of ligth and shade on the cushions.

The cushion comes with a down/feather inner cushion, made in Denmark and is also available in a size 50 x 50 cm.